Fear Lab

Because an error by a laboratory worker, hundreds of monsters that wander through the laboratory are set free. Now to get out of the laboratory, he needs to fight his way through the crowds of monsters, using an unusual weapon.
Fear Lab is a two-dimensional shooter with randomly generated levels and elements of role-playing and Rogue-like games. In the process of the adventure, players will find a lot of unusual treasures that will change the appearance of the character and give him superhuman abilities, allowing him to defeat crowds of monsters.

* Randomnly generated dungeons, equipment and bosses. You will never play the same game twice.
* More than 90 unique items that not only give you abilities, but also outwardly change your character.
* More than 30 types of opponents.
* 10 bosses.
* More than three unlockable characters.
* Numerous unlockable items, enemies and bosses.



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